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Warm congratulations on the website of Splendid Packing and Printing Co., Ltd

2018-01-05 09:23:40 Splendid Packing and Printing Co., Ltd Read

Splendid Packing and Printing Co., Ltd is one part of SPLENDID GROUP,it is a trans-regional and multi-enterprise industrial and trade company.SPLENDID GROUP was established at zhejiang in 2000,we are a leading domestic manufacture and exporter of printed package .Splendid Package engages in paper bags , gift bags ,paper boxes,non woven bags,cotton bags ect .we have 7 factories in zhejiang to handle all products, and can easily meet customer demand for these products.With our seasoned design team,we can supply not only classic styles but also customized OEM products. 

Splendid Package had established long-term business relationships with more than 30 countries' customers in worldwide, and now we have an extensive international and domestic marketing network. Over the course of our development we have focused on increasing productivity and design capability in order to meet the demands of the international market and become as truly international company.
In particular, we have been framing the groundwork that will enable us to successfully take part in and make the most of our cooperation with top-flight international companies. Following the motto of "quality first" we make every effort to provide superior products at competitive prices. For more information, welcome to visit our website or contact us directly with your questions or inquiries.Thanks!

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